Welcome to Maryland DNR's Angler Access map. This map is designed to help you find new fishing spots in Maryland.

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Please note that this tool is for guidance purposes only and the information contained within does not supersede any official regulations enforced by the owner of a site. Be sure to pay attention to all parking, fishing, and other signs if you visit a location. If you are unsure about any regulations, contact the site's operating agency for more information.

Be aware that some of these sites have no designated parking area. If you must park on the side of the road, please exercise caution when exiting and entering your vehicle.

This webmap will be updated as necessary. If you find incorrect information, wish to submit a missing site, or are experiencing any issues using this tool please contact us with your concerns.

The data and information on Maryland’s public boat ramps and soft launches was compiled from state and local sources. This data is maintained by the Maryland DNR Public Access, Water Trails and Recreation Planning Program.
This map only lists ramps that are appropriate for fishing use. All others have been excluded. For the full listing of public boat ramps and soft launches in Maryland visit Maryland's Online Water Access Guide.

This map may perform poorly on older browsers, particularly older versions of Internet Explorer. If you are experiencing problems with the map, we recommend you try other free web browsers such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.
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Species Type:
Bass (Largemouth)
Bass (Smallmouth)
Bass (Striped)Black Crappie
Black DrumBluefish
BluegillBrown Bullhead
CarpChain Pickerel
Channel CatfishCrappie
MuskieRed Drum
SnakeheadSpanish Mackerel
Tiger MuskieTrout (Brook)
Trout (Brown)Trout (Rainbow)
Trout (Sea)Walleye
White CatfishWhite Perch
Yellow Perch

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