The locations displayed on this map are solely intended to inform the public of stocking activities performed by Maryland DNR staff; they are NOT recommended fishing locations. Some of the locations listed may not be open to the public. To find publicly accessible fishing locations, please reference our Angler Access Map.

By using this map you agree that you will not attempt to fish at any location without first ensuring that you are permitted to do so.

I agree to the terms and conditions described above

Welcome to the Department of Natural Resources interactive trout stocking map. This map will contain up-to-date information on all stocking activities performed by the department throughout the year. Click a feature on the map to find out the last time that area was stocked.

Additionally, the table below will contain a list (updated daily during stocking seasons) that details the ten most recently stocked locations.

DateLocation# Fish

For more information about the trout stocking program, click here.

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